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Planeta Foundation

For more nature, everywhere!


Welcome to Planeta Foundation!

If you are on our website, it is probably because you share the same love for planet Earth and its natural wonders as we do. We are delighted and grateful for that!

Planeta Foundation was created in 2014 by three nature lovers with the aim of safeguarding what can still be protected for the present and future generations. The foundation's main goal is the protection of nature and animals. And how do achieve this goal? We serve as a link between conservation projects on the ground and donors who want to help the foundation's projects to flourish and grow.

Today, we must realize that nature and life on Earth, in general, are in serious danger. The intensive exploitation we have been subjecting it to since the beginning of the industrial era is shrinking its living space, causing dozens of species to disappear every day. If we do not act quickly and change our behaviour towards Mother Earth, we are heading straight towards extinction, not only for other species but for our own as well.

At Planeta Foundation, we firmly believe that it is imperative to protect nature as much as possible right now, in order to shield it from multinational corporations driven by short-term profits, and corrupt governments willing to exploit the planet's natural (and human) resources without any regard.

Nevertheless, there are still many businesses that strive to act with awareness, along with well-intended individuals within various governments. We are open and ready to collaborate with them, putting our efforts together to collectively discover sustainable and equitable solutions for all parties involved.

The foundation provides financial support to promising nature conservation projects in Switzerland and abroad. In order to continue to fulfill our mission, we appeal to people who also have the same love for wild fauna and flora and who wish to make a donation to support the foundation and its projects.

We also support indigenous peoples in their struggle for survival and their search for a better life, because we believe they are the guardians of the natural places they inhabit. They are also the bearers of ancestral knowledge and wisdom that humanity as a whole needs to effectively reconnect with Mother Earth and find solutions in challenging areas such as health and sustainability.

Without the support of our generous donors, we would not be able to contribute to the financing of our projects in the field. Therefore, we warmly thank all the individuals who make our mission possible and who make donations that help us to protect this wonderful nature and all the animals that constitute the true beauty and wealth of our wonderful planet Earth!

On our website, you will find information about the various projects we support, and you have the opportunity to make a donation. We sincerely appreciate your commitment and generosity in favour of nature and animals!

N. B. Planeta Foundation is a non-profit organization recognized as being of public utility, which means that your donations are tax deductible.

A message from the President of Planeta Foundation (in French):

High Fives

Why support Planeta Foundation?

To protect the biosphere

To save species from extinction

To avoid our own extinction

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By supporting Planeta Foundation, you contribute to the protection of nature and animals worldwide. We have curated a selection of projects for you, covering a significant number of species, and different types of natural habitats, in various geographic regions. All that is left is for you to do is to choose the one that resonates most with you!

Currently, dozens of species of plants and animals are disappearing EVERY DAY and FOREVER due to harmful human activities. Deforestation, industrial fishing and excessive urbanization are among the causes of the constant and rapid loss of natural habitats. This is precisely why Planeta Foundation is pushing for the creation of protected natural areas.

Scientists agree: if nature disappears, we will disappear along with it. It is as simple as that. If we want to survive as a species on planet Earth, we need nature and its biodiversity. Believing otherwise is an illusion. By supporting Planeta Foundation, you increase the chances of survival for your children and grandchildren. They will be grateful for your help in making this world a better place!

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“The Earth does not belong to man. It is man who belongs to the Earth. »

-- Sitting Bull, Sioux chief

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