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The International Day of Conscience and the International Space Federation

Updated: Apr 10

On Friday April 5th, 2024, I was lucky enough to attend an entire day of presentations and discussions around the issue of conscience at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. April 5th is the International Day of Conscience and this year the PACI Foundation, in partnership with a number of other organizations, had the good idea to organize a whole day of events on the subjects of conscience, peace and love in a very symbolic place where these topics are seldomly discussed, namely the UN.

The main reason why I signed up to participate in this event was the attendance of Mr. Nassim Haramein, a world-class physicist the amazing works of which I have been following for over ten years now. In 2023, he founded the International Space Federation (ISF) which is “an organization based on the Unification of Physics through the study of quantum vacuum fluctuations leading to the development of novel sources of energy and micro-gravity control”. At the end of 2023, he and his team of researchers published a potentially paradigm-shifting scientific paper titled “The Origin of Mass and the Nature of Gravity”. It is undergoing per review at this very moment.

Why am I so interested in Mr. Haramein's work, you might ask? Well, it is because from his findings we might be able to extract quasi infinite amounts of energy from the vacuum of space. Such energy is sometimes called “zero-point energy” (or “free energy”). When this happens (and I truly believe it will some day, hopefully soon), we will no longer need to burn oil, coal or gas to obtain energy for our world. We will directly extract it from the vacuum of space which is all around us. This, of course, will change the whole way we function as a civilization and will enable us to solve our problems of access to energy, and therefore to food as well. We will no longer need to destroy nature to obtain energy and we will finally be able to live in harmony and balance with the natural systems on which we depend so much, like for example the forests which produce oxygen and rainfall.

The day at the UN went really well. The numerous speakers spoke about conscience and how we need to be more conscious that we are all one family on this planet and that we must learn to treat each other with more respect and tolerance. We need to achieve peace in the world if we are not to self-destruct through war and conflict. Mr. Haramein also shared his views on the subject and he explained that in fact, contrary to what we have been taught, we live in a universe that is FULL OF ENERGY, indeed a universe not of lack, but of abundance.

Nassim Haramein explaining that the vacuum is full of energy

More than a century ago, the great physicist and father of quantum mechanics, Max Planck found that there is an energy in the vacuum of space that generates quantum fluctuations and that this energy is quasi infinite. This is the energy that everything bathes in, including our planet and ourselves. It is at the core and source of the material world. It is actually at the root of the organization of creation. And we can access it! And when we do, it will change our world. For example, it will allow us to turn deserts into forests, and with the gravitational control it will bring as well we will be able to travel to space and visit other planets.

Accessing the energy of the vacuum will completely change our relationship to resources. Mr Haramein told us that this path exists for humanity at this time. This is not just a dream. It is the result of the study over decades of the fundamental nature of reality and the equations prove it to be so. It has now been demonstrated that this energy creates the matter that makes up our universe at all scales, from atomic particles all the way to galaxies. This energy also connects all things. It is self-organizing because it contains information and a feed-back mechanism as well, which allows the information to flow and entangle everything in the universe. This is measurable in a laboratory.

For decades now we know that this energy exists and today we have the engineering path we need to follow to access it. However, we need the focus of our civilization to succeed in getting there. We need a lot of resources, financial and human, to be invested in the development of the technology necessary to extract this zero-point energy if we want to save ourselves from self-destruction. Mr. Haramein told us that he and his team need the support of a large part of society for them to be able to bring forth the new technology that will change our world for the better.

So, this is why I think that Mr. Haramein and his team are so important for the world today. If we support them in their efforts, we have a chance of developing the technology that will enable us to access the infinite energy contains in the vacuum. This is an amazing opportunity for humanity! I really want as many as people as possible to realize what is at stake here. And to act on it!

Fortunately, the ISF offers today a way for the public to support financially the work of Mr. Haramein and his team. It is in the form of a perpetual bond that anyone can purchase. The money collected this way will serve them to hire the engineers and scientists that they are missing to get the job done in the most timely and efficient way possible. I have already bought a fair amount of bonds myself in order to support the ISF in its mission. And you can do so as well, if you so wish! You simply need to go to their website which is So, please invest in the ISF if you can because our future truly depends on it!

I would be happy to put you in contact with the CEO of the ISF, Mrs. Sarah Amne, if you wish. She is a wonderful person and will gladly answer any questions you might have about the company, its mission and the perpetual bonds.

Thank you very much and be well,

Matej Hacin


Planeta Foundation

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